Steve Ngowi

The official start of Steve’s professional career as a safari guide began when he completed guide school in Arusha, internships & training with Tanapa in Central Serengeti & Asilia Africa. However, it truly began more than 20 years ago while guiding the British photographers & sharing cultures for the first time with his grandfather. He has been in training to be a safari guide for his entire life.

During his formal career, Steve is one of the few guides to achieve the walking guide qualification, which requires least 18 months & specialized training in the use of firearms & over 120 hours of experience in the field. Having a qualified safari walking guide adds something extra to the experience for our guests. Steve continues to study & broaden his knowledge about African wildlife every day & is always working towards the next discovery.

Steve visited the United Nations in New York City in 2022 and had a chance to speak with Flora Nducha, Chief of UN News Kiswahili, regarding conservation in Tanzania.  See the interview here.  Steve explains how traveling with Ndifo Safari contributes to conservation and community development projects. A portion of each booking goes directly to projects helping the most vulnerable people and wildlife in Tanzania.

While in New York, he hosted a wonderful charity auction benefiting: Kili C.R.E.W. (Kilimanjaro Animal Center for Rescue, Education & Wildlife) We were able to raise fifty thousands of dollars for Kili CREW’s life-saving efforts.  See the photos.

And Steve remains passionate about helping the people in his homeland, too.  Check out the projects he’s leading now.  See Our Commitment

Steve’s whole life has been dedicated to safari. It is an integral part of who he is. As the owner and lead guide of Ndifo Safari, he brings this specific knowledge and connection to all his guests. As a native Tanzanian who loves and appreciates the wild world around him, his focus for Ndifo is conservation and preservation of the natural gifts given to our care. That ideal helps form the cornerstone mission of our company.