Giving back is important to us.

Ndifo Safari is committed to wildlife conservation, and we are just as committed to helping our fellow citizens have better lives.  There are several projects we are working on to do just that.

Our First Project

The first project we’ve became involved with is the support of the Likamba Secondary School near Arusha Town. Many people in this area are Maasai and this is a poorly funded public school for their children. Most of these schools in Tanzania are not well developed and private schools are way more very expensive and out of reach for mos.t Here 5 children sit at a desk designed for 2.

When Steven was birdwatching in the area of the Likamba School, he noticed the shape of the school and decided to approach the mwenyekiti (local government) about what help was needed. They let us know that they had problems with classroom availability — currently up to 95 kids can be in a room designed for 30. The simple solution is that they need cement and then they can build another classroom. So we provided the school with some cement and plan to continue. We will also help to get desks.

Our Second Project

We’ve been able to fund a fresh water source for a rural community just outside Arusha, Tanzania. Before, the local women walked miles with water buckets on their heads to get their household water each day or did without. We set out to bring the water to them.

This will not solve all the problems in our commuinty, but it will help these kids have a better chance to succeed. That is a huge part of our mission. We want to conserve Tanzanian wildlife and help our communities flourish.

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